Oregano in tea bags

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Oregano in tea bags, grown in Puglia, in the Ofanto valley. 24 tea bags. Net weight 12gr. best before 8-2022

Oregano is a plant with a thousand qualities ... For this reason today we offer it in convenient sachets to be used for infusions or, alternatively, to be opened to season your best dishes!

We know oregano for its intoxicating aroma but we have forgotten that in the past it was mostly known for its healing qualities and "happiness". What?

Oregano was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, as a symbol of happiness, so that ancient Greeks, as a sign of good omen, crowned the bride and groom with garlands of oregano.

But the oregano is above all known for its high antiseptic and antioxidant qualities, the infusion of oregano is in fact recommended to promote digestion and for those who have typical problems related to a bad cold, such as cough and stuffy nose.

Our oregano is grown without use of pesticides as ours is a certified organic company.

N.B. The infusion of oregano is not recommended for pregnant women due to the high quantity of phytoestrogens naturally contained in the plant.


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