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Welcome to the DELSUD web store!

Here you can buy typical ingredients used in Mediterranean cuisine, grown and prepared by us and other small farmers in Southern Italy.

Some of our products come from organic farms and others from farms undergoing conversion.

Where does our SOUTH begin? For now in Apulia and Sicily, but we'll soon cross the borders to neighbouring regions.


In the DELSUD store, you won't only find basic ingredientsFarroCollectionLOW, but also ready-made sauces and preserves that will help you save time while keeping the quality of your meals high.

If, however, you like to knead and prepare dough, bread, pizzas and appetizers... you'll be anxious to try our flours made from spelt and chickpeas.

We also supply food boxes, in which you'll find the main ingredients for a variety of recipes or occasions. 

Finally, if you like, you can share your recipes with us on our Facebook page.




A few suggestions for your dishes...

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Purchasing groups

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Wheat flour Type 0
2.90 € *
Foodbox Chickpeas
Old price 9.00 €
6.40 € *
Black Chickpeas
2.60 € *
Chickpeas (Sultano)
1.90 € *
Black chickpeas
Old price 3.80 €
2.80 € *
Old price 2.70 €
2.20 € *
Spelt Flour
3.10 € *
Large Biscuits with Spelt flour
Old price 4.20 €
4.00 € *
Old price 6.80 €
5.20 € *
Spelt FlourTipo1
3.10 € *
Flours Collection
Old price 12.20 €
10.20 € *
Wheat flour Type 1
2.80 € *
Flowers of spelt and hazelnuts
Old price 4.10 €
3.70 € *
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