Foodbox Chickpeas

Foodbox Chickpeas

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Tasting Foodbox White and Black Chickpeas, boiled in water and salt. Net weight 300 gr. x 4. Best before end 5-2018

Our chickpeas were grown in Apulia, in the Valley of Ofanto river, without pesticides.

Tender, naturally sweet and high in fiber and protein: white chickpeas are ready to be used in soups, stir-fried with seasonal herbs, served with small  pasta, or to be shake, to get tasty puree.

Please note: 10,00€ extra expedition charges will be requested for european destinations; 15,00€ extra expedition charges will be requested for not-european destinations.

N.B. Per spedizioni in paesi europei sarà richiesto un supplemento di 10,00€. Per spedizioni extra europee sarà richiesto un supplemento di 15,00€


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Chickpeas (Sultano) Chickpeas (Sultano)
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Black Chickpeas Black Chickpeas
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Taste of Daunia Taste of Daunia
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