Organic Chickpea Pasta TUBETTI 5Kg

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Organic Chickpea TUBETTI. 100% chickpea flour grown
in Puglia, in the Ofanto valley, turned into pasta in a 
Gargano laboratory. 5kg. It does not contain gluten. Best before 11-2021

The quickest way to cook chickpeas and have healthy 
vegetable protein on your plate? It takes only 5 minutes 
to cook our organic chickpea Tubetti. 
A portion of 60/70 gr is a tasty and nutritious alternative 
for those who want to reduce their daily intake of gluten 
or animal protein. 
We suggest seasoning these Tubetti with boiled 
vegetables or sautéed vegetables with garlic, oil and 
aromatic herbs. Or with a fresh tomato sauce, 
or again, for a classic summer dish, with mussels and clams.
N.B. It is important to respect the cooking times.

Legume pasta is usually sold in 250g packs, but 
we have chosen to make 350g packs to reduce 
the number of packaging and labels per kg of product.



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Organic Chickpea TUBETTI 350gr Organic Chickpea TUBETTI 350gr
1.60 € *
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3.40 € *
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2.40 € *
Senatore Cappelli Organic durum wheat flour Senatore Cappelli Organic durum wheat flour
3.00 € *
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